you are welcomed here

welcomed here believes inclusion 

is a basic human right. 

We envision a world where everyone 

feels safe and welcomed.

welcomed here was established in 2022 by Susan Purrington to help individuals feel safer and more welcomed in all spaces and places in the United States and beyond. We work with organizations to improve business practices based on assessments and welcomed. data. Click here for more information on what we do.

The organization is an Arizona non-profit and pending a 501(c)3 federal designation. We have a fiscal sponsor, Moonshot at NACET, to process large donations until we receive our designation.

welcomed here is made up of individuals who share a passion for improving society through concrete actions. There are several individuals behind the scenes helping to make the mission and vision of the organization come to light. We thank each and every person who volunteers their time and talents to make the world safe and welcoming for all.